Saturday, March 5, 2011

PUBLIC NOTICE: Debate In Progress!

ATTENTION: The various media organizations seem to be blocking my worldwide mass-invitational mailing campaign! 

There is a mystery here in regard to their stone-walling reaction and I will have to leave the broad speculations in your capable hands for further contemplation. 

Perhaps deductive reasoning alone will divulge the purpose of their blatant and continued  resistance!? 

More importantly, I have only a few personal options to get the word out. 

What you are reading is one of those desperate  attempts. 

Please continue to read, and visit the web-link below! 

I will visit this Blog and look for comments from time to time; however this is more in the way of a personal invitation to attend this ongoing public debate. 

PUBLIC NOTICE: Everyone is invited to observe, but due to malware prevention, you must free-register to vote, and/or 'reply' comment. 

The objective of this forum is to provide a healthy debate atmosphere and to further create a time-capsule for future generations .... if any!?!?

The public poll closes October 17, 2008, so please help network this worldwide; however this ongoing debate shall continue onward for just as long as the CERN LHC conducts its questionable experimentations.

The worldwide reply-comments within the main body of the debate statement has now become the very life of the debate itself. 

I have placed myself in the role of 'neutral observer' in order to remain fair and impartial. 

*(Note: In order to comment you must site-register first for security purposes, but there is an on-site small red 'reply' button  located on the top-left and bottom-left of each individual debate page). 

Thank you for your support and don't forget to vote/'reply' with a comment! 

There will be no turning back once you click the following link and read the debate statement! 

It will be as if you had taken the 'red pill' and permanently entered Underland!

Remember: "Go Ask Alice, I think she'll know"!!!