Thursday, July 31, 2008

CERN LHC/ALICE/ATLAS - Public Opinion Debate & Poll Forum

Located at the direct web-link below, is your personal entrance to the Debate & Poll Forum! The CERN LHC experiments could lead to a worldwide disaster, if there are 'any' misinterpretations within the 'Standard Model'! This is a platform 'voice', for an estimated 25 worldwide scientists, physicists, and mathematicians, that have been barred from publishing papers, gag-ordered, and remain anonymously mute silent!

Remember: Go Ask Alice, I think she'll know!



Wahrheit said...

Would love to hear more about your unusual experiences. Will you be posting here?

Best Regards,


Robert I. Marsh II said...

I finally located you, Mr. Wahrheit! I knew that I published your comment; however, I answered it on the comment section, at the bottom of this blog. Sorry for the major delay, if you receive this, go ahead and comment at the bottom comment section. This is a new blog, and I'm still working the 'bugs' out!