Saturday, March 5, 2011

PUBLIC NOTICE: Debate In Progress!

ATTENTION: The various media organizations seem to be blocking my worldwide mass-invitational mailing campaign! 

There is a mystery here in regard to their stone-walling reaction and I will have to leave the broad speculations in your capable hands for further contemplation. 

Perhaps deductive reasoning alone will divulge the purpose of their blatant and continued  resistance!? 

More importantly, I have only a few personal options to get the word out. 

What you are reading is one of those desperate  attempts. 

Please continue to read, and visit the web-link below! 

I will visit this Blog and look for comments from time to time; however this is more in the way of a personal invitation to attend this ongoing public debate. 

PUBLIC NOTICE: Everyone is invited to observe, but due to malware prevention, you must free-register to vote, and/or 'reply' comment. 

The objective of this forum is to provide a healthy debate atmosphere and to further create a time-capsule for future generations .... if any!?!?

The public poll closes October 17, 2008, so please help network this worldwide; however this ongoing debate shall continue onward for just as long as the CERN LHC conducts its questionable experimentations.

The worldwide reply-comments within the main body of the debate statement has now become the very life of the debate itself. 

I have placed myself in the role of 'neutral observer' in order to remain fair and impartial. 

*(Note: In order to comment you must site-register first for security purposes, but there is an on-site small red 'reply' button  located on the top-left and bottom-left of each individual debate page). 

Thank you for your support and don't forget to vote/'reply' with a comment! 

There will be no turning back once you click the following link and read the debate statement! 

It will be as if you had taken the 'red pill' and permanently entered Underland!

Remember: "Go Ask Alice, I think she'll know"!!!



Robert I. Marsh II said...

WELCOME: ALL DIGGERS, AND ALL BLOGGERS; It's time for some real action!!! I have had direct e-mail communications with LSAG (Independent (?) Risk Assessment Group), located at CERN, near Geneva, Switzerland. Also, Director General Robert Aymar, Catherine Decosse (ALICE), Michelangelo Mangano, and have forwarded invitations to Stephen Hawking (if his staff forwarded to him). The debate is a healthy social mechanism, if held in rational constraint! You may post comments here, but it is better to free-register, vote, and 'reply' comment at the direct web-link, found above in the main Blog section! Thank You for stopping bye!!!

Robert I. Marsh II said...

P.S.: Whether you know it or not, you have just entered the 'rabbit-hole'. If you click-on the direct web-link, this is as if you took the 'red' pill. There will be no turning back!!!

Denitsa said...

What has Stephen Hawking to do with CERN? He's an astrophysicist and CERN deals with high energy physics.

Social debate is healthy, if it stays social. How exactly can the society takes side in a debate between scientists? It won't take the side of what sounds more rational or better argumented, because it cannot understands the arguments. The society will choose whoever taps its emotions better. Well, sorry, but science has nothing to do with emotions and public fears.

What LHC is trying to recreate is already happening in the Nature and I don't see any major disasters happening. The only reason to worry over CERN is because it's easier to worry over something that has nothing to do with your life, and not with the more important things. Like why in USA you make social debates over European projects, why countries deny the fundamental right of science and technology to Iran /like why the innocence presumption isn't working for them/ and why Dubai builds ultra-modern hotels. Why USA asks for Russian investments to compensate its economical weakness. Why the petrol price is falling now, if it was really rising because of the lack of petrol and not because of speculations. Why USA that was the greatest technological power in the world is not teaching Intelligent Design in schools along with scientific theories.

Well, what's going on with USA is the question. What is going on?

Robert I. Marsh II said...

Dear Denitsa; Stephen Hawking is a leading Quantum Physics consultant, directly to the CERN Theory Unit! His major work in regard to Black Hole formation, and Quantum Wormhole (brother/sister relationship) formation, is detrimental to the CERN 14 trillion electron volts (TeV) magnitude 'impact moment'! The scientists are not absolutely certain, in regard to the 'current' Standard Model, as to what will exactly occur. Although this happens in nature 'per se', it is not happening in the natural environment of the established precedent! This will be occuring within a constrained 'un-natural' man-made environment. It boils down to either blind faith, or suspicion of the current Standard Model.
In regard to the social right to vote, protest, and debate (legally): OUR WORLD DEPENDS UPON IT!!! As each year goes by, no matter what issue or topic, this world is becoming more and more like 'Alice Through the Looking Glass', by Lewis Carroll. You may take offense to this analogy, but this point could be argued in ones' viewpoint of perception. No two persons should hold each other at total account, since the governments, scientists, and media have held certain aspects back from public view. What is the truth? Probably, if you spliced a large cross-section of views, you might strike the 'Truth' by accident!!! The only reason we become ineffective in voting, protesting,...etc., is when we relinquish the power through apathy!

Denitsa said...

Yes, but the point is that society can decide only if it's presented with the totality of the facts. Which is impossible in the case.

How exactly would a businessman for example decide whether the Standard Model is correct or not? I've listened courses for 2 or 3 semesters on that and I have only superficial knowledge on the issue. People that work on the field cannot entirely decide (not without even more data) and work with probabilities, instead.
How would people that have no clue of science decide?

As for the unnatural environment-there's no such thing in particle physics. If we can make it work, it's natural. True, statistically, you have very few extremely high energy hadrons passing trough Switzerland, but anyway, you have them on the Poles. Yes, we'll intensify them, but the Earth has existed for long enough time, to have seen enough very high energy particle collisions-none of which has led to a disaster. Even more so-we can see enough from the space to see no such "disasters" happening.Isn't that kind of good enough example that it's not that easy to make something really disastrous???

P.S. You probably realise that probability is very tricky subject. The airplanes are safe 99.9% and still some planes crashed. Condoms are safe 98% and still they get torn occasionally. It's really hard to tell what kind of risk is acceptable, but we can't just ban anything that sounds remotely "risky"-this way a civilization doesn't progress. It dies.

Denitsa said...

As for Stephen Hawking, I have my doubts of his presence as a consultant :) But I guess popular issues require popular presence. Or maybe he really participated, I don't know. I just know him from his astrophysical work, didn't think he'll work with CERN.

I just can't understand why the same issue never got so popular when it was about Fermilab (if my memories are correct, there was a similar drama back then).

Robert I. Marsh II said...

Dear Denitsa; Thank you for stopping by volconvo! I have a doctor appointment in 30 minutes, gotta go, but will reply A.S.A.P. I promise!

Robert I. Marsh II said...

Dear Mr. Wahrheit; I published your comment, and reports it's on-site, and yet it is not present! Please re-submit as close as possible, to test this system. Thank you!!!

Robert I. Marsh II said...

Well, I will answer Mr. Wahreits' questions, as if he posted successfully. Yes, I am beginning to post here. To elaborate on my unusual experiences: 'Sorry, I can generalize, but not detail my experiences, that add up to a possible disaster at CERN LHC ALICE: scheduled for mid-early 2009'. If you are hoping for some made up stuff, you have come to the wrong blog! However, if you are attempting to peer into my perceptual experiences, then I will share: 'There are some bizarre discussions 'Behind Closed Doors'! There are more bizarre occurences being reported worldwide, that borderline on the paranormal. Some believe, that it is being caused by future Quantum Wormholes from (future) CERN LHC ALICE experiments, which are causing Multiple Repeating Earth Histories. Ahhh -- I have said too much!!!

Robert I. Marsh II said...

Back to Denitsa; I have had a 'real' rough day, so I have answered your question at the volconvo direct web-link. Anyone wishing to read this, then 'click-on' the above web-link --- you do not have to register to read site comments! See ya there, I surely hope!

Robert I. Marsh II said...

I will express my personal view in regard to the CERN LHC ALICE experiments, scheduled for 2009 (once financed). The ALICE experiments with same-name detector, has the capability of utilizing the LHC proton injector, by switching to heavy lead (Pb) ion emissions. This changes the operational dynamic completely! The 14 TeV (trillion electron volts) 'impact moment', under these conditions creates hyper-density plasmatic luminosities, which could affect a gravitational curvature. This would then proceed to a forced equillibrium state, that would allow the formation of a compression singularity vortex to form. At this point, supersymmetry feedback loops naturally engage, creating an expanding Quantum Wormhole. This has a brother/sister relationship to Black Hole formation physics theories. Relativistic Time-Shifts, and localized structural integrity loss, are pre-warning signs of a breach within the boundary layer. This statement refers to a number of agreeing scientists worldwide, that the main stream Physics Sci-Tech communities refused to accept, due to the astronomical odds of the occurence involved. However, within the Heisenberg "Uncertainty Principle' there is no way of telling what the exact odds of occurence really are! The chance of two lightning bolts striking the same spot repeatedly, on the same day is not likely, but could eventually occur, but how does anyone know when this oddity will randomly appear? CERN LHC Operations have entered into serious discussions along this line, but the public most likely will not here about it. This is due to not wanting to alarm the public to such extreme odds against an occurence. I am speaking out for the cast-out scientific community, and those who are gag-ordered, but still agree! This one is for you guys! Thank you for sharing this view, and hope to see you at Volconvo! Remember my obligation to remain on-site as a 'neutral observer.

Robert I. Marsh II said...

For those who are interested: the supersymmetry feed-back loops, would be caused by quantum inverse 'ghost' radiation emissions, originating from within the compression singularity!

Denitsa said...

And for those of us, who don't understand what you said, could you explain with simple words what it means? Because honestly, I don't understand it. So could you?
P.S. I'm not mocking you or something, I really would like to know what this means.

Robert I. Marsh II said...

In reply to denitsa; During the CERN LHC/ALICE experiments scheduled for early-mid 2009, at 14 TeV full-power heavy Lead (Pb) ion collisions. . . . . etc. Clarification: As the two (2) 7 TeV particle beams impact together at a combined 14 TeV magnitude power level, the collision creates a super-dense Plasma Glow Energy Field = (hyper-density plasmatic luminosities). This dense plasma material (field) begins bending gravity =(gravitational waves). This bending is in a curvature motion, also, if the event is dense enough - for a long enough period of time = ('impact moment' duration), then there would be a gravitational curvature within the 'fabric' of Space/Time. This occurence (event) would continue curving into a conic (cone) shape. Due to natural forced equal pressure, a compression singularity vortex would form. At this point, 'ghost' radiation would stream out from the singularity vortex in a supersymmetrical pattern, thus holding the forming event-horizon open, and stabilizing it! Next, the supersymmetrical pattern radiation starts exponentially expanding through feed-back loops, one magnifying the next, and so on. This becomes the expanded-version of the Einstein-Rosen Bridge: Expanding Quantum Wormhole. Multiple quantum wormholes burrowing through the fabric of Space/Time, and distorting the relative passage of time to the relative observers = Time jumps around, accelerating and slowing, with localized mass growing and shrinking, all on opposing sides of EACH wormhole- tunnel. The worst problem is concerning the scientists, and detectors themselves. Their measuring devices will change along with them, and they may not have any clue to what is happening! Unless they move from one location to another, then they would realize they were part of a mega-disaster! NOW YOU MAY UNDERSTAND THE REASON FOR THE MOTIF OF ALICE IN WONDERLAND/THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS. The CERN ALICE experiment web-page has the exact same 'Alice' picture, but missing the 'chesire cat and tree scene'. Cern picked the design with Alice by herself looking up. This is why, I have placed the full-real book photograph on my main blog-page above! I hope this helped!

Denitsa said...

But SUSY is just a theory, it was never confirmed! As for wormhole creation, it's also just a speculation coming from the black hole solutions of Einstein Equations. If those solutions are ill-understood, I'm not sure how this will affect the whole theory, even if we look at them not from gravitational point of view, but say quantum gravitational (something that's far from being decent science also).

I honestly don't understand how so much panic can spread from so little facts.

And, if LHC manages to create a wormhole, and it's not expanding, but evaporating, that would be a major break-trough for science and it could be the first step toward using wormholes for travelling- something that I find extremely useful.

If you want, give me a link for the article where somebody has argumented what you wrote in your last comment. I'm just curious how that looks in formulas.

And yeah, and one more thing. Scientists are not suicidal. Sometimes we're stupid, because we don't know something or because we really really want to not admit we know it, but I doubt someone will intentionally threaten the staff, Europe and the Earth. I mean, we're not that stupid!

And, even if it's business on "high level", NOBODY will want to destroy Earth or Europe, because if you don't have a planet, or the biggest market on the world, there's not much point of your business. People need other people to trade with and to profit from them, otherwise, it's simply nonsense.

Robert I. Marsh II said...

Dear Denitsa; This is exactly what's going on here: An estimated 25 scientists, physicists, and mathematicians worldwide have been made 'out-cast', gag-ordered, their papers refused to be published, or even evaluated, because they flew in the face of 'current' Standard Model design expectations. This does not make them right, but their voice must be heard. The media will not address these possibilities! They are not given the 'right' to be heard, so they will stay anonymous, and mute silent. A few are currently active particle physicists at current facilities, scattered around the world, and will remain silent. When I ran into this phenomena, and realized my personal view aligned with their situation, I decided to give them their platform of voice. This does not make them right, but it sure as xxxx don't make them incorrect either! The scientific communtity was too quick to dismiss and scoff, with no serious, prudent technical evaluation, it would cost too much time, and money. When a small group is swatted down like insects, I would champion the underdog; especially if I concur, but even if I don't agree, they have a right to be heard. This is their only platform, and are unwilling to risk what they have left, to testify against a predetermined verdict. This neither makes the scientific, physics, mathematics, and CERN communities correct or incorrect. It just reveals the hardcore nature of said rigid social evolution. THE VOICE!